The Sharma's

Founded in 1955 by Late Mr. Mast Ram Sharma, our bakery business has flourished under the stewardship of subsequent generations. Mr. Naresh Sharma and Rajesh Sharma propelled it to new heights, and today, Dr. Aditya Sharma and Mr. Rahul Sharma continue to shape its success. In 2018, the family embarked on a new venture, D'Sharma Education, an educational institution co-founded by Dr. Aditya Sharma and Ms. Shivani Awasthi. With a rich history rooted in quality bakery products and a commitment to education, we strive for excellence across both domains.

What Peoples Say About Us

Our patrons rave about our academy—top-notch instructors, hands-on learning, and a supportive community. They leave inspired, skilled, and ready for success in the baking world.

Sidharth Guleria

Buisness service Sharma Bakers

Sharma Bakers is a delightful find! Their artisanal creations boast incredible flavors and freshness. From fluffy croissants to decadent cakes, each bite is a testament to their expertise. Friendly service complements their delicious treats perfectly. A must-visit for pastry and cakesenthusiasts!

Lookin Dharamshala

Buisness service Both

Sharma Bakers crafts delightful pastries with exceptional flavors and quality. D Sharma Education offers insightful courses, providing a strong foundation in various subjects. Both establishments exhibit dedication to excellence, making them worthwhile experiences.

Sidharth Guleria

Buisness service D'Sharma Academy

D'Sharma Education Tuition Center excels in personalized teaching. Their dedicated tutors create an engaging learning environment, tailoring sessions to individual student needs. The center's strong focus on conceptual understanding ensures students grasp subjects thoroughly. With a supportive atmosphere and effective teaching methods, it's a commendable choice for academic growth.

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